Volunteers Corner

Volunteers Needed!

ANYONE who has a talent and would like to volunteer your services to the church is welcome. Come pray with the Vicar/ Provost on Wednesday before you begin. Some Areas with Urgency include, teaching Sunday School – (training for Sunday school teachers is available), you could also join our Praise and Worship team, Ushering team or the I.T Team.

CHURCH WEBSITE: Would you like to Volunteer your time to build/develop content for our Church Website? Domain and Hosting are available. Help us Keep our Website up to date•

ALL PROFESSIONALS: Would you like to offer your Professional Services to the Church or our Diocese as a Volunteer on Part time basis? Eg, Gardening, Teaching Piano/Music, Counselling, etc Come and see the Vicar.

Or Give Ideas in Writing via cathedral@ackthikadiocese .org.

The Provost Welcomes your Suggestions and Opinions.


Contact Us

P.O. Box Thika, Kenya

Mobile No.: (254) 0722 423455

Email: info@ackthikadiocese.org

Facebook page: ACK Thika Diocese

Location: Kenyatta Highway, Thika Valley, Central, Kenya


Bishop Robert Atwell the 71st Bishop of Exeter will be installed on 5th July 2014 at Exeter Cathedral at 2.30p.m.
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