Rev. Samuel Mwangi Ngángá Co-ordinator, KAMA & Stewardship Department
Rev. Andrew Gichia Co-ordinator, Mission & Evangelism and KAYO Department
Rev. Cecilia Mwaniki Co-ordinator, Mothers Union Department
Rev. Boniface Kamau Co-ordinator, Brigade and Sunday School Department


Department/Institution Description
Mission & Evangelism

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Mission Sundays are observed in every parish in the month of May. There is intensive mission activity in parishes within our diocese leading to the increase in congregations, and many people giving their lives to Christ.

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

This is an arm of the Board of Finance whose mandate is to
enhance Christian giving for ministry.Vision: A spiritually and financially self supporting Diocese.Mission Statement: To empower Christians through teaching and training of stewardship to enhance effective management of spiritual and physical resources.
Mothers Union

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Motto: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength Phil 4:13. A Christian mission organization working through grass root membership to support families and communities around the world. Read more…
Kenya Anglican Men Association (K.A.M.A)

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Motto: But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15. Seminars, educational tours, retreats and goat eating have been held and have motivated men and changed KAMA image from Parish to Diocesan level. Read more…
Kenya Anglican Youth Organization (K.A.Y.O)

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Motto: Be strong in the Lord(Ephesians 6:10). The youth are the young men and women between ages 15 and 35 years. However, those aged above 35 years are enrolled as supporting members. Read more…

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Motto: Fight the Good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). The Brigade Department provides boys and girls with more interactive activities. Read more…
Sunday School

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735


Motto: “Let all the children come to me and do not forbid them”. It deals with the spiritual, emotional and social welfare of the children at the local church, parish, deanery, archdeaconary and diocesan level.Vision: A strengthened Sunday School Read more…
Human Resource Development

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Anglican Development Services (A.D.S) Mt. Kenya formerly known as Christian Community Services (C.C.S) The CCS Chania zone has been involved in the following fields:

  • Community capacity building/Development awareness program  funded by CRWRC and it is based in Wamwangi sub-location
  • HIV/AIDS/Health program Embrace Aids funded by CRWRC
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children project funded by CRWRC and St. John Community centre
  • Chania community empowerment program funded by Tear Australia
  • Empowering of Multigenerational households funded by HAK


Planting Faith Ministries

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Spreading the gospel by working to elevate subsistence farmers to a sustainable economic level.
Initiation and Counseling

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Annually boys and girls are initiated (boys only) and counseled
to adulthood.
Justice, Peace and Reconciliation and Advocacy Commission (JPRAC)

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

The Church in its mission to meet people’s needs has the JPRAC Department as the voice of the voiceless in the society.
The Department is involved in civil development, reconciliation, collaboration, peace building, capacity building, advocacy, lobbing and awareness to the church and civil society in general.

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

The School categories are: primary, secondary schools and vocational training. These schools are either started by the Diocese or by individual, churches or parishes while others are sponsored public schools.
Institute of Leadership Counseling & Congregational Development (I.L.C.C.D) The Vision: To develop programs, consultations, conversations, and conferences for leadership and congregational development for the purposes of enhancing the Thika, Gatanga, Gatundu, and Ruiru Communities; with the goal for wholistic Living, and for mission and ministry of the Diocese of Thika.
Daughters of the King Daughters of the King is an order for women who are communicants of the Epicospal church. Churches that are in communion with it are those that are Historic Episcoporate. It was founded in 1885 by Margaret J. Franklin at the Church of Holy  Sepulchre in New York City.The Mission of the Order
The mission of this order is the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through prayer service and evangelism.Vision Statement
To know Jesus Christ, to make him known to others, and become reflections of God’s love throughout the world.Vision Statement
To know Jesus Christ, to make him known to others, and become reflections of God’s love throughout the world.

Theological Education by Extension (T.E.E)

Tel. 067-31654 / 21735

Theological Education by Extension is a process that has proved beneficial to the learners. It is an open learning for all Christians especially leaders of our churches.
Investing in the knowledge of the word of God has proved to be the best in the Christian field. The act of preaching and leading the services cannot be sorely the duty of the clergy.

Christian Industrial Training  Centre (C.I.T.C)

P O Box 1096, Thika. Tel. 067-30440

Christian Industrial Training College Thika was established in 1972 as a vocational center. Read more…Website: page:

Bishop  Njuguna Academy

P.O Box 3225, Thika.  Tel. 067-31130

It was started in 1994 as an ACK sponsored Institution.The school is divided into two sections, i.e. Nursery section and primary section.

Thika Memorial Church School

P.O Box 1647, Thika. Tel. 067-22560

The school was opened in the year 1969 as a nursery school.

St. Luke’s Bookshop

P.O Box 214 Thika.

Tel. 067-21497

A project of A.C.K Thika Diocese founded in the year 2000,
with the aim of Gospel propagation, thus making Christian Literature and equipment available to the community, and with an aim of generating income to support the Ministry of the Church. Read more…

Namrata Shah Children’s Home

P.O Box 214 Thika. Tel.067-31654/21735

Was established in 2003, to cater for the rising number of destitute children. These are mainly children orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids, or circumstances within their families have robbed them of opportunities necessary for the child growth and development. Read more…


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