Church Lads’ & Church Girls Brigade

Rev. Boniface Kanyi Kamau is the Co-ordinator of the Brigade Department.

This year the Brigade Sunday will be held on 6th July, 2014A?.

Motto: Fight the Good fight of faithA? (1Timothy 6:12)




  • To establish friendship between children and adults in a caring and safe environment.
  • To help children to grow in confidence and develop their skills and abilities.
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  • To help children to work together and to show care and concern for others including the environment.

To achieve these aims we use the following methods

  • A?Christian leadership
  • A?A balanced program of fun, excitement and a variety, which enables children and adults to explore, share and learn together.
  • Groups for the development of trusting friendships co-operation, team work and self confidence among children.
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  • Worship at company meetings.
  • Uniform that is worn at weekly meetings and on special occasions.
  • Awards

C.L.C.G.B History
The Brigade movement was popular within the churches in Europe because it prevented a massive loss of Sunday School members when they reached 13yrs. The British government at a time of international insecurity saw it as a source of military cadets who could be called upon when required. Most importantly, young people liked it because it gave them an interesting, purposeful and recreational, social life, many years before clubs, discos, sports centers or TV.
From about 1860, isolated brigadesA? were formed all over the United Kingdom, but the first to develop into a truly National organization of The Boys Brigade was Glasgow in 1883, followed by the The Gordon Boys Brigade 1885 in Walton, Liverpool and The Church Lads Brigade in 1891 in London.
In 1901, a Girls movement (Church Nursing and Ambulance Brigade for young Women and Girls), that dealt with first aid was started by Rev. Thomas Milner in London. The two movements (CLB and CNAB), rapidly progressed and developed as two different entities.
In 1923, the CNAB sought to merge with the CLB and anticipated to change its name and constitution to become, The Church Girls Brigade (CGB). The CLB council rejected the offer. In 1966, the Bishop of Exeter recommended a full time training officer who had closer links with the Girls movements. In 1978, the CLB and the CGB amalgamated to form, The CLB and The CGB and in 1980, it changed its name to CLCGB.
In Africa, the movement is found in South Africa and in Kenya, it is found only in two Dioceses (Mt. Kenya south and Thika). The Church Lads Brigade was started with the aim of forming a National Anglican organization.

Some of theA?activities in the C.L.C.G.B include:

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    1. Training of officers and children’s camp.
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    3. Enrollment and Commissioning.
    4. Brigade Sunday

Brigade Uniform


St. Peter’s Kiganjo Company


Contact Us

P.O. Box Thika, Kenya

Mobile No.: (254) 0722 423455


Facebook page: ACK Thika Diocese

Location: Kenyatta Highway, Thika Valley, Central, Kenya


Bishop Robert Atwell the 71st Bishop of Exeter will be installed on 5th July 2014 at Exeter Cathedral at 2.30p.m.
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